• “Custom designed and built around the people who live in them to last over time”

  • “100% Italian quality”

  • “Once upon a time ... - A king! - my little readers will immediately say. No, guys, you were wrong. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood ...”

    Collodi, Le avventure di Pinocchio
  • “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to give in to it”

    Oscar Wilde
  • "What I would like to paint is sunlight on the wall of a house"

    Edward Hopper
  • “First I dream of my paintings, then I paint my dreams”

    Vincent Van Gogh
  • “Architecture is the skilful, rigorous and magnificent play of volumes assembled in light”

    Le Corbusier
  • “Color is a power that directly affects the soul”

  • “Architecture is nothing more than the order, the arrangement, the beautiful appearance, the proportion of the parts to each other”

    Michelangelo Buonarroti
  • “The main ingredient for good cooking is love for those we cook for”

    Sophia Loren
  • “The starting point is the tension towards beauty, towards art, so that surprise, amazement, the unexpected are also part of the architectural work”

    Oscar Niemeyer
  • “Be grateful for all that is manifesting in your life. Be filled with awe and appreciation for everything you see”

    Wayne W. Dyer
since 1966

Kitchens and Furnishings

In 1966 when Indennitate Antonio began producing wooden articles, in his small artisan shop in Monteroni of Lecce, he only showed the enthusiasm and desire to do, typical of many young talents from Salento and he couldn't imagine that after forty years his work, of his family and the many employees would become an important productive reality of the economy of Salento.

Inden, the kitchen that gives flavor to your home

Do you want to design your kitchen with innovative furnishings but are you intolerant of mass production?
Do you want a unique cuisine but are you allergic to catalogs?
The Inden recipe turns our dream into a bargain!


  • + 50 years of history
  • 200 gr. of quality of materials
  • 300 gr. of craftsmanship
  • elegance and functionality
  • 250 gr. of eco-sustainable innovation
  • heart and passion at will


  • Weigh, mix the various ingredients and add the experience of the industrious hands of "Mesciu" Antonio
  • mix your taste with the professionalism of Simona, Ilenia and Ilaria
  • flavored with their look to the future and their sense of family
  • work everything vigorously until you get a Single Dish that smells of Salento, of tradition that is renewed

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Don Matteo 13

Don Matteo 13


There is also a piece of Salento in the successful TV series DON MATTEO 13 with Terence Hill and Nino Frassica on RaiUno. Inden Cucine signs the furnishings of some...

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che Dio ci Aiuti 6

che Dio ci Aiuti 6


Thanks to the production of the Fiction "che Dio ci Aiuti 6" for having chosen to set up the set with one of our Inden kitchens.

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Don Matteo 12

Don Matteo 12


The craftsmanship of the Salento author in the now legendary fiction “Don Matteo12”. Inden kitchens are back on the small screen. And this time they have become part of the scenography of...

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In the showrooms of Lecce and Monteroni, as well as a large exhibition of models, the qualified staff is available to help you to design your furniture according to your preferences, tastes and needs.

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